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    After 35 years, Charlotte Catholic, along with all Diocesan schools, is shifting its fundraising model. Beginning with the 2021-22 school year, each school is responsible for raising funds to meet its current and future needs. The MACS Annual Fund (formerly the MACS Education Foundation) was discontinued and the new CCHS Annual Fund has been established.

    All funds raised through Charlotte Catholic’s Annual Fund will remain at the school. Donors who have given previously to the school through the CCHS Foundation may now give directly to CCHS through the CCHS Annual Fund. Events and programs that have been managed with the support of the CCHS Foundation will continue to operate through the school. The Teacher Impact Fund – started in 2016 to help retain and reward our best teachers – will continue with the generous support of our donors, along with Teacher Grants, Tuition Assistance and other programs and needs of the school.

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