• Need running shoes and/or spikes?  Charlotte Running Company is locally owned and employ some of our athletes.  They are offering a special discount to our team. Mention the flyer and that you are with Charlotte Catholic. Athletes should consider at least 1 pair of running shoes for training each session. For racing, an athlete should consider spikes. 

    Charlotte Running Company Discount Info.

    Throughout the season, we will learn and re-enforce each of the topics below.

    Track Practice 101

    • 400m, 200m mark, 2 laps 800m, 3 laps 1200m, 4 laps 1600m, splits usually tied to each lap

    • turns 1, 2, 3, 4

    • front stretch / back stretch

    • lane 1 etiquette 

    • take turns leading laps (distance events)

    • staying in lanes (for events in lanes)
    • field events

    Track Meet 101 

    You should arrive at the meet at least 1 hour before your first event. 

    Once you arrive:

    1. Check in with your coach.
    2. Find the check in table for your event.
    3. Get together with the other CCHS athletes competing in your events.
    Warm-ups - Captain lead dynamic warm up as a group: Frankenstiens, Lunge twist, Quad pulls, glute pulls, side jumping jack, Scoops, A skip, B skip, C skip, Jog 1 lap, static stretch as a group.  

    You are strongly encouraged to stay the whole meet to cheer on and support you teammates.  Unless you meet one of the following criteria:

    1. You are competing in field events only
    2. You have talked to your coach about an obligation you have
    3. An injury that needs urgent attention.

    Other Considerations when at a meet:

    • water, snacks, sunscreen, shade

    • warmth, blankets

    • snacks, t-shirts for sale

    • cash / apps for spectators

    • std rolling schedule, 1st call, 2nd call to check in, order of events, heats

    • warming up, checking in

    • bathrooms

    • waterfall start, lanes, break lines, blocks

    • shortest distance around the track is the inside lane one, ideally pass on straight

    • no pushing or blocking or profanity

    • if fall, get up and go, it happens and is not the end of the race

    • no stepping over rail / inside lines

    • kick / run thru line, never dive

    • splits

    • exchange zones

    • stay out of infield except when check in, no phones in infield

    • clock, lap counter, bell lap

    • conf, reg, state formats

    • team scoring

    • nc milesplit, athletic.net

    • warm-up, warm down, strides