• These core exercises have been established in Boone, North Carolina as a part of routine training for the Appalachian State Distance Track team for nearly two decades. By completing these workouts on a weekly basis, you will gain the strength needed to hold your form though the finish line. 


    Start with 1 minute. Work way up to 2 then 3 minutes.

    1. Body Weight Squats (Proper Form is KEY)
    2. Standing Calf Raises (In/Out/Straight)
    3. Roman Chair Leg Raises
    4. Inch Worm Pushups (51)
    5. Double Leg Bridging
    6. SuperMan (R/L)
    7. Lateral Side Step Lunges
    8. Pedestal Holds/Planks (Prone position)
    9. Right Side Plank, Left Side Plank, Supine
    10. The Hundred
    11. Bicycle Crunches
    12. High Reach Crunch
    13. Double Leg V-Ups
    14. Russian Twists
    15. Single Leg V-Ups
    16. Backstep Lunges
    17. Hip Series (Fire hydrants, Leg Swings, Knee Circles (inside/out))
    18. Pedestal Movements Prone:
      1. Straight Leg Lift (R/L)
      2. Side Sweep (R/L)
      3. Butt Kicks (R/L)
    19. Supine
      1. Straight Leg Lift (R/L)
      2. Side Sweep (R/L)
      3. Knee Drive (R/L)
    20. 6 Inches (Flutters/Criss Cross)
    21. Push Ups

    Bare Foot Walking: On toes, On Heels, Inside of foot, Outside of foot.