Science Department Overview

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    The Science Department at Charlotte Catholic High School believes that science education is crucial for all students. The knowledge and understanding of basic science concepts and the scientific process is necessary in order to create a scientifically literate society.  The department strives to provide hands-on activities and discourse within the classroom that simulates reflective thinking and emphasizes experimental design, use of computers and teamwork. The department further believes that what students learn is essential to their ability to function in our increasingly complex and technological world and is instrumental in developing attitudes that will be used to make decisions by future policy makers.  Science education challenges students to critically think, effectively write and articulate ideas, and actively learn.  Scientific exploration contributes and enhances the skills needed to become a life-long learner.

  • STEM Career Fair

    Charlotte Catholic High School will host a STEM Career Fair annually during the spring. There will be professionals from science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields. They will be donating their time and talents so that CCHS students can gain valuable insight into possible STEM careers. 

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  • Science Olympiad

    Science Olympiad will be held each year during the spring for students who are interested. This competition encourages students to take science knowledge and skills to the next level in team competitions. CCHS will compete against other high schools in areas of life sciences, technology, engineering, and the physical sciences.  Students involved in Science Olympiad will meet with their team members on a regular basis to prepare for the competitions.

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