Scholarships & Awards

  • CCHS Alumni Association Scholarships

    Each year, the CCHS Alumni Association is pleased to offer two college scholarships to graduating seniors who have:

    1. Contributed to a positive school environment through academic performance and various forms of extracurricular involvement, including activities such as sports, leadership roles, student council, and various other clubs and programs;

    2. Demonstrated a commitment to community involvement and service; and

    3. Exemplified a positive image of Charlotte Catholic High School to the church and community.

    Please note that ALL seniors who meet these criteria, whether they are Legacy Students or not, are invited to apply.  Please scroll down to the bottom of the page to view the application, as well as a full description of the scholarship and application process.  Please email any questions to the Alumni Office at   

    Selection Criteria 

    • Academic Achievement
    • CCHS and Community Involvement
    • Fine Arts Involvement
    • Athletic Involvement
    • Essay Response 


    Dottie Tippett Performing Arts Scholarship

    Each year, the CCHS Alumni Association and the CCHS Foundation are pleased to offer a college scholarship to a graduating senior who has contributed significantly to the CCHS Performing Arts program with passion and dedication.  Please note that CCHS Fine Arts faculty members and Guidance Counselors nominate graduating seniors for this award.  Self-nominations are not accepted.   

    St. Joseph the Carpenter Award

    Each year, the CCHS Alumni Association and a very generous anonymous donor are pleased to offer a college scholarship to a graduating senior who demonstrates service above and beyond what is expected, building the ongoing reputation of CCHS as a school that engenders a spirit of service and a habit of paying it forward.  The recipient will be a student who frequently is visible around CCHS, volunteering his or her time at any number of events and activities.  Love for CCHS and willingness to build community and school spirit should be a hallmark of the recipient’s service.  The recipient will be a student who follows the example of St. Joseph, who remained out of the limelight and did not seek recognition, but nonetheless was committed to serving in whatever capacity was needed.  Faith must be evident through the recipient’s service.  This award is for the graduating senior who does the right thing, simply because it is the right thing to do.  

    Robb Pugh Scholarships

    Each year, the St. Gabriel Men's Club is pleased to offer a college scholarship to one male and one female graduating senior based on faith, community service, and need.  The scholarship is given in memory of Robb Pugh, a much-loved member of the Men's Club whose spirit of selfless service is honored through this award.  Nominations for these scholarships are made by CCHS faculty and guidance counselors.  Self-nominations are not accepted.  

    Class of 1989 Memorial Scholarship

    The Class of 1989 Memorial Scholarship was established to honor the memories of three classmates whose lives were cut short by cancer.  Meredith Birmingham, Andrew Katko, and Michelle Vogelbacher Pratt were cherished members of the class, each having a unique identity, and all leaving a void in their classmates' hearts with their passing.  The Class of 1989 banded together to find a way to honor their legacy, and established this scholarship.  It is intended to recognize an individual student attending Charlotte Catholic High School whose life has been affected by cancer.