Hall of Fame Inductees

Hall of Fame
  • 1997 Sports Hall of Fame

    1977 Varsity Football Team

    W.Aubrey Federal, Class of 1965

    Derrick H. Taylor, Jr., Class of 1982

    1997 CCHS Distinguished Alumni Award

    F. Joseph Treacy, Jr., Class of 1967

    1998 Sports Hall of Fame

    1964 Varsity Football Team

    Coach Will Campagna

    Eugene Glankler, Class of 1987

    Thomas Herlocker, Class of 1977

    1998 CCHS Distinguished Alumni Award

    Ralph McMillian, Class of 1967

    1999 Sports Hall of Fame

    1986 Varsity Men's Soccer Team

    Dr. Ted Kocak, Team Physician

    Frank Krajewski, Class of 1983

    Frank Lampke, Class of 1978

    1999 CCHS Distinguished Alumni Award

    James K. Baucom, Class of 1971

    2000 Sports Hall of Fame

    Sidney Brown, Class of 1970

    Laura DuPont, Class of 1967

    2000 CCHS Distinguished Alumni Award

    David B. Hamilton, Class of 1970

    2001 Sports Hall of Fame

    John (Jack) Balls, Class of 1966

    Andy Hearn, Class of 1981

    2001 CCHS Distinguished Alumni Award

    Kevin Martin, Class of 1985

    2002 Sports Hall of Fame

    Madeline Frosch, Class of 1973

    Bill Sabates, Class of 1967

    2002 CCHS Distinguished Alumni Award

    Humpy Wheeler, Class of 1956



  • 2003 Inductees


    2004 Sports Hall of Fame

    John (Jack) Cassels, Class of 1960

    Chris Kouri, Class of 1988

    Mike Melvin, Class of 1993

    2004 CCHS Distinguished Alumni Award

    Debbie Stathakis, Class of 1979

    2005 Sports Hall of Fame

    Laura Cowman-Guthrie, Class of 1993

    Everett "Boo" Hood, Class of 1987

    Jeff Monin, Class of 1988

    2005 Distinguished Alumni Award

    Spurgeon Webber, Class of 1978

    2006 Sports Hall of Fame

    Jeff Brookman, Class of 1993

    Francis Ciucevich, Class of 1983

    Coach Bill Finneyfrock, Jr.

    Vee Hood, Class of 1990

    Chuck Wittman, Class of 1993

    2006 CCHS Distinguished Alumni Award

    Dennis Kenna, Class of 1972

    2007 Sports Hall of Fame

    John Berger, Class of 1984

    Rich Dremann, Class of 1990

    Stephen Healy, Class of 1997

    2007 CCHS Distinguished Alumni Award

    Mick Mulvaney, Class of 1985

    2008 Sports Hall of Fame

    Thomas Holst, Class of 1989

    Coach Jim Oddo

    Sister Paulette Williams, R.S.M.

    2008 CCHS Distinguished Alumni Award

    John J. Eichorn, Class of 1974



  • 2009 Sports Hall of Fame

    1992 Varsity Men's Soccer Team

    Coach Ken Hazen

    Matt Kerry, Class of 1991

    2009 CCHS Distinguished Alumni Award

    Bill Whittaker, Class of 1975

    2010 Sports Hall of Fame

    James Bazluki, Class of 1986

    James MacNaughton, Class of 1961

    2010 CCHS Distinguished Alumni Award

    James W. Crawford III, Class of 1975

    2011 Hall of Fame

    Jerry Healy

    2012 Hall of Fame

    Coach Tom Brennan

    Jim Keane

    2013 Hall of Fame

    Coach Greg Bazluki, Sr.

    2014 Hall of Fame

    Dick Keffer

    Coach Randy Belk

    2015 Distinguished Alumni Award

    Kristan Graham Seaford, Class of 1995

    David Johnson, Class of 1994

    2016 Sports Hall of Fame

    Ralph Alexander, Class of 1981

    2017 Distinguished Alumni Award

    Matt Olin, Class of 1991

    2017 Sports Hall of Fame

    Mario Acitelli, Class of 2006

    2018 Sports Hall of Fame

    Kevin Christmas, Athletic Director

    Carlos Mahoney, Class of 1991

    2019 Sports Hall of Fame

    Mary Ann Dey, Women's Tennis Coach

    Ryan Boward, Class of 1998

    Brian Cowman, Class of 1997