The FIRST STAGE and arduous task of “REACH OUT” in an attempt to find and notify all the class members is almost complete, and a tremendous effort by a few individuals has made this possible. An event conceptualized and initiated by Preston Comeaux and Don Cashman of the class of 67 became invigorated by the efforts of Ralph McMillan and Bill Sabatés. This led to the agreement to have a joint reunion of the three classes.  All other alumni and former faculty are also welcome to attend. Mike Hansbrough, Jimmy Collins, Jay Johnson and Barbara-Anne Steegmuller Johnson, spearheaded the class of 1968 effort.  Bobby Sabatés, Gary Boneno, John Tramontin and Jim Palombit did the same for the class of 1969. CCHS through Steve Carpenter and the Alumni Board through Jennifer Cramer, joined the effort and collectively, goals were reached. The setting for the event is reserved and arrangements for a “first class” affair assured, the caterers have been contracted and the menu has been selected.  Refreshments, including wine and beer purchases, and music providers have been contracted. It is all in place for a grand night of celebration as we share our path through CCHS and OLM with so many who enriched and fulfilled our early years. WE ARE READY!!

    CCHS stands ready to provide campus tours and of the newly completed Alumni Hall with a memorabilia wall which will transpose us back to our years and before.

    COVER CHARGE:  $30 per person

    DATE OF EVENT:   March 24, 2018

    SETTING: The new Charlotte Catholic High School at 7702 Pineville-Matthews Rd, Charlotte, NC 28226


    The SECOND STAGE OF RECORDING RESERVATIONS: is also well on its way.   

    Please contact the following representative of each class to make your reservations:

    Class of 1967:   Don Cashman 704-578-8592
    Class of 1968:   Michael Hansbrough 704-231-5485 hansbroughp@gmail.com

                           Barbara-Anne Steegmuller Johnson 336-601-7107 basteeg@triad.rr.com

    Class of 1969    Bobby Sabatés 704-904-5737 bsabates01@gmail.com

                           Gary Boneno 704-641-0131

                            John Tramontin 919-985-3650

                            Jim Palombit 704-737-1879

    The THIRD STAGE and last the “COLLECTION OF FUNDS” usually becomes the most difficult but necessary as we have the responsibility to provide the school and caterers the projected number of those attending prior to the even. We plead with you to follow this process as soon as possible and make reservation and mail the cover charge by March 14, 2018.

    Make out your checks to RALPH MCMILLAN and mail to:

    CCHS Class Reunions

    c/o Ralph McMillan

    6101 Carnegie Blvd Suite 310

    Charlotte, NC 28209


    Provide with your check on the memo line: graduating Class and # attending.  Again, please attend to this as quickly as possible.

    The excitement and enthusiasm across the board and the early attendance projections are off the charts assuring that it will be a memorable night in the history of our institutions. We have done our part, please do yours and come as we rejoice together in what in time we became, the CATHOLIC AND OLM FAMILY.