• Athletes & Playing Sports in College

    Students interested in playing sports in college will need to register with the NCAA Eligibility Center at http://eligibilitycenter.org.  We encourage potential college athletes to start this process after first semester junior year.  This process will help to make sure that you are eligible to play under NCAA guidelines.

    Creating an account with NCAA is the first step in becoming a college athlete.

    Once you have an NCAA account you must:

    • Complete the Eligibility Application,
    • Pay the NCAA certification fee,
    • Send in your official SAT and/or ACT scores from the College Board and/or ACT and
    • Request your transcript be sent directly from every high school you have attended.

    To request your Charlotte Catholic High School transcript:

    • Sign into your Naviance Account,
    • Click on the Colleges Tab and open “Colleges I’m applying to” (*NCAA is listed as a college for the purpose of requesting transcripts)
    • Click the pink “+” symbol and type “NCAA Eligibility Center” under which college you are applying to
    • At the bottom, select “add and request transcript”
    • You will then be prompted to select “initial transcript”
    • Once you click that box next to initial transcript, click “request and finish”
    • Your transcript will be sent electronically to the NCAA Eligibility Center