Definition of Terms

  • This is a list of abbreviations often used in Learning Support.

    ADHD              Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder       

    AIG                  Academically and Intellectually Gifted                      

    AU                   Autism

    DB                   Deaf/Blind

    DD                   Developmental Delay

    EC                    Exceptional Children

    HI                    Hearing Impairment

    ID                     Intellectual Disability

    IDEA                Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

    LEA                  Local Education Agency

    LMT                 Learning Management Team

    LPT                  Licensed Physical Therapist

    LPTA                Licensed Physical Therapy Assistant

    LST                 Learning Support Teacher

    MAP                Modified Academic Program

    MD                  Multiple Disabilities

    MTSS.             Multi Tiered System of Support

    OHI                  Other Health Impairment

    OI                    Orthopedic Impairment

    OT                   Occupational Therapy

    PACE                Providing an Appropriate Academic Catholic Education

    PT                    Physical Therapy

    RTI                   Response to Intervention

    SAP                  Student Accommodation Plan

    SAT                  School Assistance Team

    SED                  Serious Emotional Disability

    SLD                  Specific Learning Disability

    SLI                   Speech and Language Impairment

    SLP                  Speech/Language Pathologist

    SNT                  Special Needs Teacher

    TBI                   Traumatic Brain Injury

    VI                     Visually Impaired