Possible Accommodations

  • The accommodations below are based off of the psychoeducational/neurological assessments you (your parents) provided when you entered learning support or any updated records submitted since you entered learning support.

    Accommodations provide by College Board and ACT are an external process. Decisions on these accommodations ARE NOT made by Charlotte Catholic High School Staff.

In School Accommodations

  • CCHS Approved Accommodations:

    1. Extended Time (50%) on tests and exams
    2. Separate Setting
    3. Read Aloud
    4. Preferential Seating
    5. Alternate Answer Sheet (No Scantron)
    6. Take picture of whiteboard with assignments/tests posted or teacher signed agenda
    7. Access to teacher guided notes (as needed) and/or peer notetaker
    8. Use of the computer for class notes or in-class writing assignments
    9. Do not penalize for spelling unless spelling is being directly assessed 
    10. Oral responses for tests and assignments when appropriate (foreign language)
    11. Breaks as needed (Anxiety, medical reasons, etc.)

College Board

  • Extended Time:

    • 50%
    • 100%

     Reading/Seeing Text:

    • Large Print Test Book
    • Enlarged Answer Sheet (No bubbles/not scanned)
    • Reader
    • MP3 Audio
    • Braille/Braille Graphs & Figures
    • Magnifier
    • Colored Overlay

     Recording Answers:

    • Enlarged Answer Sheet (No bubbles/not scanned)
    • Computer for Essays Only
    • Writer/Scribe to Record Responses
    • Braille Writer
    • Record Answers in Test Book

     Extra/Extended Breaks:

    • Extra/Extended Breaks
    • Breaks as Needed
    • Permission to Test Blood Sugar

     Modified Setting:

    • Preferential Seating
    • Small Group Testing
    • School-Based Testing
    • One-to-One Testing
    • Wheelchair Accessible


    • Permission for Food/Medication
    • Written Copy of Oral Instructions
    • Sign Language Interpreter for Oral Instructions
    • Assistive Technology
    • Auditory Amplification
    • 4-Function Calculator 

ACT Accommodations

  • Setting & Location

    • Preferential Seating
    • Small Group Testing

     Presentation & Formats

    • Reader
    • Pre-recorded
    • Text to speech 

    Response & Navigation

    • Scribe
    • Speech to Text
    • Computer (Essay or Short answer to paper testing only)

    Timing Codes

    • TC 1- Standard time
    • TC 2- Double time
    • TC 3- Triple Time (Over multiple Days)
    • TC 5- Standard Time (Over multiple days)
      • TC 5- Standard time (with stop the clock breaks- one day)
    • TC 7- Time and one half (Over multiple Days)
    • TC 8- Extended time on essay/constructed response only