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Academic excellence is an important part of our vision at Charlotte Catholic. We set high expectations for performance, while providing all students with appropriate academic resources and rigor. Students are expected to model Catholic values in the classroom and in the community.  All standardized testing (SAT, ACT, PSAT) scores indicate our students are well prepared to compete with their peers in both public and private schools throughout the community.  Our curriculum guide includes a diverse group of college preparatory courses with Advanced, Honors, and Advanced Placement courses offered in nearly every academic discipline.

Academic rigor and excellence may be measured in a variety of ways.  Since Charlotte Catholic is a college preparatory institution, student performance is measured by the number of students admitted to the college or university of their choice in addition to how successful students are after their matriculation. All CCHS students go on to attend four-year or two-year colleges or enter the military, with over 97% enrolling in four-year institutions of higher learning. We believe in cultivating a supportive, healthy, and challenging environment, which recognizes and affirms the dignity, needs, and diversity of all students.