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The Charlotte Catholic English Department believes the acquisition of basic language skills is essential to our students’ academic and personal growth and that mastery of these skills will contribute to their success in college and in life.

Through their reading, writing, study of grammar, and vocabulary exercises, our students will find that clarity of thought cannot be separated from clarity of expression, and that the ability to use language well is the hallmark of an educated and successful person.

The Charlotte Catholic English curriculum offers students a wide range of works from the literary traditions of many cultures past and present to help students learn to read challenging texts in poetry and prose with insight and sensitivity and to write with clarity and grace.

In the study of great literature, students encounter and contemplate the enduring questions regarding the nature of man and God, good and evil, and the moral purpose of life. In this respect, our study of literature is consistent with the school’s fundamental mission: to empower students to realize their vocation to serve as Catholic Christians in a changing world.

Turn it In

The Charlotte Catholic High School English Department uses for students to hand in essays and other major assignments.