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Mathematics prepares the mind to think clearly and cogently, expanding the student’s capacity to learn. It opens the mind to the wonder and beauty of God’s universe. It prepares the mind for a quantitative treatment of the natural word in biology, chemistry, physics, and engineering. In the words of St. Augustine of Hippo,

     "So, given the fact that both wisdom and number are contained in that most hidden and certain truth, and that Scripture bears witness that the two are joined together, I very much wonder why most people consider wisdom valuable but have little respect for number. They are of course one and the same thing." On Free Choice and the Will – St. Augustine

Charlotte Catholic High School offers a full range of college preparatory mathematics courses from Algebra I through Calculus that includes Statistics and Discrete Mathematics. We strive to teach our students not only the math skills necessary for success in future math classes and in other disciplines, but also the problem solving, critical thinking skills, and appropriate uses of technology necessary for modern life. Students enter Charlotte Catholic at varying levels of preparedness and with differing capacity and interest in math. It is a goal of the CCHS Mathematics Department to place every student in a class where he/she can be both challenged and successful. We therefore offer Regular through Honors level courses as well as Advanced Placement college credit courses.