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CCHS Clubs 23-24

Charlotte Catholic has various club offerings from service to sports, games and hobbies, to Catholic worship...there is a club to fit the interests of every student! 

If you were not able to attend Club Day and want to join a club, just let the club advisor know you are interested in joining.  Then please send an email from your school email account to Sarah Nobers ( letting her know which club you have joined so your name will be added to the club roster. It is never too late to join a club!


AAPI Awareness Club

Mr. Pham - Room 301

The AAPI Awareness Club is a club that allows students who are interested in or share an Asian-American Pacific Islander ethnic background and the Catholic faith. Together we aspire to spread awareness about different Asian cultures and educate others on topics such as Asian hate and discrimination.

Achievers Club

Dr. Sigwald - Room 225

The purpose of the Achievers Club is to create an intentional space for sharing among Black students and other students at Charlotte Catholic. Club members, in consultation with their advisor, will determine guest speakers, presentations, topics for discussion, and/or service-learning projects throughout the year.

American Heart Association

Ms. Tripp - Room 324

The American Heart Association club seeks to spread heart health awareness and to do service with heart health groups especially those who serve the underprivileged and minorities.


Antrhopology Club

Mr. Goodier - Room 300

The purpose of the Anthropology club is to educate our school community on the subjects of archeology and anthropology through archeological digs and service opportunities.


Art Club
Mrs. Parks - Room 621

The Art club will work to build a community with a shared common love for art and learn and improve drawing, painting, and 3D art skills.

Astronomy & Physics Club

Mrs. Madden - Room 532

The mission of the Astronomy and Physics Club is to foster an interest in astronomy and physics in students by teaching about stars, galaxies, quantum particles, and how precious our earth is so we may better care for it.

Beach Volleyball Club

Coach Bolling - Gym

The purpose of this club is to help students exercise outside of school and to meet and hangout with people they might not know but share a common interest with.


Best Buddies Club
Mrs. Floriani - Room 229

The Best Buddies Club is dedicated to establishing a global volunteer movement that creates opportunities for 1:1 friendships.


Bird Watching Club

Mrs. Tripp - Room 324

This club will go bird watching to gain knowledge of avian species and behavior over the course of the school year.

Book Club

Mrs. Montione - Room 313

The Book Club will work to get students to read more outside of school and raise money towards public libraries.


The Breakfast Club

Mrs. Mirizio - Room 610

The mission of the Breakfast Club is to break the barriers of friend groups and socialize with a variety of different people over the most important meal of the day.

Business Professionals of America

Mr. Toland - Room 522

The Business Professionals of America Club helps students to meet others interested in Business careers like Business Administration, Finance/Accounting, Computer Programming. They will also host guest speakers to provide tips and skills to empower students to lead in today’s business-technology environments.


Caritas Club

Mr. Kuhn - Room 219

CCHS Golf Club

Mr. Panther - Room 214

The CCHS Golf Club is a group of service-oriented students who strive to have a positive impact on the community while enjoying the game of golf.

Charlotte Catholic Beautification Club

Ms. Waid - Room 304

The Charlotte Catholic Beautification Club will work to improve student life and honor God by beautifying the campus through service projects and physical decoration.


Charlotte Catholic Social Club

Mrs. Baker - Room 110

The purpose of the Social Club is to bridge the gap between friend groups and have a welcoming environment where everyone feels accepted.

Chess Club

Mr. Toland - Room 522

The Chess Club will meet to teach students how to play chess and engage in friendly competition

Cougar-Gram Club

Mr. Johnson - Room 623

The Cougar-Gram Club will work to connect students, strengthen friendships, and have participation from the student body by making goody bags, selling them, and delivering them to various students around the school.

Families Forward Charlotte
Mr. Goodier - Room 300

The mission of this club is to organize drives, in conjunction with the Families Forward Charlotte organization, to help families in need.


Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Coach Christmas - Gym

The purpose of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes is to help athletes to know and grow in Christ and lead others to do the same through volunteering and evangelization.

The Fetch Club

Coach Christmas

The Fetch Club gives students the opportunity to volunteer and raise money for animals in need.


FIAT - Girls Only
Ms. Waid - Room 304

The mission of the FIAT Club is to create a safe space for girls who are serious about their faith (or want to be) and foster supportive Christian friendships.

Film Appreciation
Ms. Cabana - Room 512

The Film Appreciation Club will gather to discuss film media and learn more about movies.


Flour Power Baking Club
Ms. Cabana - Room 512

The Flour Power Baking Club hosts bake sales throughout the year to raise money for charity and hosts baking events to donate baked goods.


Freedom School Club
Mrs. Winters - Room 524

The Freedom School Club is meant to collect supplies and volunteer for Freedom School to help kids prevent summer learning loss.

FNL - Fundraising, Networking, Leadership

Mr. Johnson - Room 623

The purpose of the FNL Club is to share skills on how to network and grow your community connection. It also strives to leave students more confident in their leadership skills through public speaking opportunities, fundraising efforts, and networking events.

Gaming Club
Mr. Toland / Ms. Finegan - Room 623

The goal of the Gaming Club is to provide a hangout space for students with interest in gaming of any kind and to provide a space that is both competitive and friendly.

German Club

Mrs. Schmid-Rankin - Room 527

The German Club works to promote the German language and culture through educational meetings, events, and service projects.


Global Citizens Club

Ms. Cabana

The Global Citizens Club will meet to discuss global events and raise awareness by supporting organizations with fundraising and service grounded in faith and charity.

Guitar Club
Mrs. Friedman - Room 303

The Guitar Club is meant to create a welcoming environment for students who play or want to learn guitar.

Hands for Hearts
Ms. Adamian - Room 521

Hands for Hearts is a non-profit organization that helps children affected by congenital heart defects.


Hiking Club
Mr. Kalbaugh - Room 217

The Hiking Club seeks to relieve the stresses of school and life through physical activity by bonding during hikes!

Mrs. Cusack - Room 310

The purpose of the HOSA Club is to have doctors and nurses share their stories. HOSA is a program that hosts conferences and meetings as well as offers opportunities to shadow doctors.


Interact Club

Mrs. Friedman - Room 303

The purpose of Interact is to help students with their leadership abilities through service projects and meetings.



Japanese Anime Club
Mrs. Chamberlain - Room 213

The Japanese Anime Club is meant to give students a safe place to enjoy anime. Also, members will work with veterans and active military members for various activities and service projects.

Letters to Little Buddies
Ms. Waid - Room 304

Each member of the Letters to Little Buddies Club will have a pen pal from a MACS elementary school and write letters to them and do different projects with them.


Levine Buddies Club
Mrs. Culicerto

The Levine Buddies Club is dedicated to making kids at the Levine Children's Hospital smile by fundraising, planning events, activities, and writing cards to brighten their days.


Mock Trial Team
Ms. Fort - Room 523

The Mock Trial Team prepares students for trial competition as lawyers and witnesses. The competitions are sponsored by the NC Advocates for Justice.


Moot Court Team
Ms. Fort - Room 523

The Moot Court Team prepares students for appellate hearings as lawyers. The competitions are sponsored by the Young Lawyers Division of the NC Bar Association.

Morgan's Message
Ms. Carey - Room 526

The purpose of Morgan’s Message is to normalize conversations about the mental and physical challenges that are prevalent in the student-athlete community, especially at Charlotte Catholic.

Operation Smile
Mr. Smith - Room 222

Operation Smile sponsors teams of plastic surgeons and medical personnel to operate on children with cleft palates in third-world countries.

Passion for Fashion
Mrs. Simpson - Room 514

The Passion for Fashion Club will collect gently used clothes to sell second hand and donate the proceeds to women’s charities.

Pickleball Club
Mr. Chuttey - Gym

The purpose of the Pickleball Club is to allow students to participate in a very fun sport and make lasting connections with other students.

Ping Pong Club
Mr. Needham - Counseling

The Ping Pong Club’s goal is to establish a community of new or existing ping pong players. We aim to improve upon the game in new, meaningful, and creative ways.

Plans with Grands
Mrs. Moricone - Room 207

The Plans with Grands club helps elders as a community and works to make holidays special for them through gift baskets, cards, baked goods, and other activities.

Poetry Club
Mr. Smith - Room 222

The Poetry Club will gather to create original poetry in a fun, relaxed environment where members can read and review their works, as well as appreciate the various forms and authors of poetry.

Pokemon Club
Mr. Ashmawi - Room 320

The Pokemon Club allows students to come together in a fun, accepting environment to enjoy Pokemon and make friends.

RMHC of Greater Charlotte Club
Mrs. Burnham - Room 206

The Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Charlotte Club will do bake sale fundraisers and supply drives to donate to the charity, and visit the residents at the house every other month.


SAGE - Service and Gratitude for Everyone
Ms. Cabana - Room 512

The SAGE Club will work to unite and support all of God’s children, foster open dialogue within our faith-based community, and raise money in an effort to support unhoused youth.

Second Hand Sports Clubs
Mr. Rawls - Room 311

The Second Hand Sports Club will collect new/used sports equipment for underprivileged youth in our community.

Service Academy Club
Mr. Needham - Counseling

The Service Academy Club will work to help students apply and prepare for each aspect of being in a military academy.

Sign Off Club
Coach Taylor - Room 624

The Sign Off Club aims to build awareness of cyberbullying, support those who have been victims of cyberbullying, and to help grow confidence to be the change.

Ski and Skate Club
Mr. Goodier - Room 300

The mission of the Ski and Skate Club is to expand our love of skiing and skateboarding to others.

Smiley Note Club
Ms. Madden - Room 532

The Smiley Note Club wishes to make students in the CCHS community feel welcomed and cared for by writing kind words on sticky notes - or smiley notes - that will be posted around the school.


Spanish Club
Mrs. Palomino - Room 204

The mission of the Spanish Club is to further educate our students by sharing experiences of Spanish-speaking communities by bringing in Spanish speakers to talk about their lives.

Spanish Honor Society
Mrs. Garmilla

The Spanish Honor Society will do volunteer work throughout the school year through MiraVia, the Missionaries of the Poor, and other local parishes.


Speech and Debate
Mrs. Taylor

The Speech and Debate team helps people to improve speaking and debating skills by competing at tournaments and creating a great community.

Weightlifting Club
Coach Hazel - Weight Room

The Weightlifting Club helps to promote physical strength and competition through weightlifting.


Wayfinders Ambassador Club
Ms. Carey - Room 526

The purpose of the Wayfinders Ambassador Club is to provide service opportunities to students and help unserved scholars at Wayfinders.


Young Activists Club
Mr. Galarde - Room 534

The Young Activists Club strives to motivate students and the CCHS community to be active citizens of Charlotte by partnering with approved local nonprofit organizations.


Young Authors Club
Mr. Smith - Room 222

The Young Authors Club works to improve creative writing skills, share writing projects, and cultivate a love of creating writing.

Young Volunteers for Cystic Fibrosis
Mrs. McManus - Room 305

The Young Volunteers for Cystic Fibrosis Club will work to support the fight for a cure for cystic fibrosis by offering volunteering and fundraising opportunities to students.

Sports Medicine
Mr. Wisocki - Training Room

The Sports Medicine Club works to provide the best healthcare for athletes at CCHS while also educating students in methods of sports medicine and athletic care.



SSS - Safer, Stronger, Smarter
Mrs. Cusack - Room 310

The mission of SSS is to help girls feel safer and stronger by knowing how to protect themselves and feeling more confident.

Stand Up to Cancer
Mrs. Parks - Counseling

The purpose of this club is to raise money to aid cancer research and spread awareness about cancer and the impact that it can have on the lives of those around us.

Voices for Life
Mrs. Nobers - Room 200

The Voices for Life exists to educate students on beginning and end of life issues and to advocate for the voiceless through prayer, service projects, and guest speakers.

Walking with Moms in Need
Mrs. Friedman - Room 303

The Walking with Moms in Need Club will help mothers who are in need of financial and mental support while pregnant and raising their children. They work in conjunction with St. Matthew Catholic Church.

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