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Enrichment Programs

Summer Enrichment

What it is and How to find it!

 There are many options for students seeking programs over the summer.  Summer Enrichment comes in many forms including:

Summer classes at a college or university (some for college credit)
Summer camps
Study abroad or travel abroad (some associated with college programs)

First, ask yourself if you want a program that is academic, service-oriented, or focused on a particular topic. Then, think about your budget.  Many programs that are offered for college credit can be costly!  Do you want to stay close to home or are you looking for an experience abroad?  

Many students seek summer experiences with the hopes of a resume-builder or looking better on their college applications.  We encourage students to seek out experiences that they will find valuable.  Colleges care more about seeing you have done something that interests you, then how prestigious it sounds.  The exception is summer programs that are competitive by application. Examples of these are Summer Ventures or NC Governor’s School.

See below for an extensive list of summer programs in all of the categories above, in-state and out-of state.

Summer Enrichment Programs