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Meet our Counselors

Charlotte Catholic High School has professional school counselors, qualified to give guidance and counseling in both academic and personal areas. The role of the school counselor is to provide students with assistance in academic achievement, college selection and the application process.

Students are encouraged to seek out the counselor for assistance with: academic planning; interpretation of standardized tests; college admission planning; and dealing with personal, emotional and social issues. The counselors work with students, teachers and families to assist students in their personal growth, helping them to reach their potential as individuals. When necessary, counselors refer students to other professionals for assistance in meeting their personal and academic needs.

For the 2024-2025 school year:

Mrs. Heather Nobary: 9th: A-Cor, 10th: A-Cor, 11th-12th: A-Con

Mrs. Christine Parks: 9th: Cos-Gon, 10th: Cos-Gon, 11th-12th: Coo-G

Mrs. Sarah Sovchen: 9th: Gor-Lo, 10th: Gor-Lo, 11th-12th: H-K

Mrs. Jen Murlless: 9th: Lu-Pa, 10th: Lu-Pi, 11th-12th: L-O

Mr. Sandy Neeham: 9th: Pe-Sp, 10th: Pl-Sp, 11th-12th: P-Sh

Ms. Melody Hager: 9th: St-Z, 10th: St-Z, 11th-12th: Si-Z

Mrs. Leslie Tesch: Administrative Assistant

Mr. William Keese: Interventionist