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Options Program

The Options Program at Charlotte Catholic High School provides a Catholic High School education for students with developmental disabilities. The program is customized to meet the unique set of academic, behavioral, social, emotional, and spiritual needs of each learner within the school community, a community that recognizes and strongly supports an inclusive environment.

One approach that addresses the students’ academic needs in the  Options classrooms is providing classes that focus on developing life  skills in English and Mathematics. Another approach to address  academic and social growth is providing students in the Options Program the opportunity to attend classes within the Charlotte Catholic  community.

Our students’ learning needs in these classes are met  through modified assignments and assessments. Spiritual needs are met through enrollment in Theology courses during each of their four years of high school and are included in all aspects of the spiritual life embedded in the Charlotte Catholic community. Socially, the students in the program are given the opportunity to participate in activities within the school. Peer mentors are encouraged to participate in these events as well in order to facilitate the development of friendships and peer interactions. Inherent in the program’s focus is to provide experience that prepares our students to be independent, responsible and strong self-advocates.

The program components include:

  • Small group instruction in the Options classrooms in the areas of English, math, life skills and social skills (when needed).

  • Inclusion and participation in specific courses may include Theology, sciences, history, and Electives throughout their four-year high school career.

  • Academic coursework is modified according to the needs of the learner on assignments and assessments.

  • Collaboration among administrators, special and general educators, school counselors, campus ministry personnel and additional support staff to meet the unique learning and social needs of our students.

  • The students participating in the Options Program will receive a “Certificate of Achievement” upon  the completion of the program.