• Charlotte Catholic's official scheduled date for the 2019 Heart of a Champion Day is Saturday, 6/1/2019.

    Free sports phyiscals to all rising 9th-12th grade enrolled at Charlotte Catholic High School on Saturday, June 1, 2019. Registration is CLOSED; if you did not previously register you cannot attend this event.  Physicals will be given at a Atrium Health facility, and ahtletes must ride the bus to the location from Charlotte Catholic. 

    HOC Details
    Drop-off location: Charlotte Catholic High School 
    Drop-off date/time: Saturday, June 1 @12:30 pm
    Pick-up location: Charlotte Catholic High School
    Pick-up time: 3:30 pm - 4:00 pm (this time is an estimate)
    SAT Students ONLY:
    Parent drop-off time: 2:00 pm
    For location - Reach out to a team parent, school athletic trainers, or athletic director.
    - Your student will receive an athletic physical examination and heart screening without parent/guardian present. 
    - You may not take your student directly to the event unless they are taking the SAT that day. 
    - This athletic physical will be valid for the entire school year. 
    - Please wear a t-shirt and shorts (girls do NOT wear sports bras).
    - Avoid using creams, powders, oils on on chest before event. 
    - If applicable, wear contacts or glasses.
    - No physical activit 1-2 hours before event.
    - Avoid caffeine before event. 

    Registration is CLOSED