•  Learning Support

    The Learning Support Program provides support for students with academic needs. Students are eligible to receive assistance if they have completed Ed/Psych testing and have received a DSM diagnosis from a psychologist. Please click here or contact a Learning Support Specialist to begin the process.

    The goals of the Learning Support Program are:

    • To assist the school community in identifying students needing additional educational support.
    • To assist students in developing strategies for academic success. 
    • To support teachers in providing differentiated instruction to meet the unique learning needs of all students. 
    • To support parents who are seeking information, support and/or services for their child who requires additional assistance in achieving academic, emotional, behavioral, and social success.
    • To provide parents with information regarding other educational opportunities should we be unable to meet the needs of a student.


    Options Program 

    For more information on Charlotte Catholic's Options Program, please visit their website:

     For more information on all of our special learning programs, please visit the MACS website.