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    This co-curricular activity encourages students to find their voice and speak out on issues that are important to them and to the community.  The students learn critical thinking, research skills, communication skills, knowledge of current events and foster friendships.

    Speech and Debate Workshop - August 10 & 11 - 4pm to 7pm - Library 



    Speech Events are classified as either Interpretive Events (IE), Platform Events or Limited Prep Events. 

    Interpretive Events are based on published materials, cut down to 10 minute performances:

    Dramatic Interpretation

    Humorous Inperpretation

    Duo Interpretation

    Program Oral Interpretation

    Declamation -9th /10th grade only

    Novice Reading-novices only

    Platform Events include:

    Informative Speaking

    Original Oratory

    Limited Prep Events are events with only 2 to 30 minutes of preparation, prior to delivery:




    Debate Events include:  Lincoln Douglas (LD), Public Forum (PF) and Student Congress.

    Lincoln Douglas debates feature one person on each side.  Propositions of value are debated with the emphasis on developing logical argumentation rather than just accumulation of information. Good debaters construct value-driven cases that combine original analysis with evidence.

    Public Forum debates should be town hall-style debates with "ripped from the headlines" topics, that are usually economic, political or social in nature. These feature teams of two individuals on each side.  Debaters should be rewarded for their ability to explain facts, policies, and issues supported by evidence.

    Student Congress is a mock legislative assembly competition where students debate proposed laws (bills) and resolutions (position statements). "Representatives" deliver 3 minute speeches and are evaluated on their persuasive ablility to convince their fellow representatives and judges, as well as their ability to handle questions.



    • All students are welcomed to join, including freshman.
    • Practices take place twice a week, on Mondays and Wednesdays, from 3pm to 5pm.  Room: TBA.
    • Parents are expected to periodically help fulfill the school's judging obligations and to help at the school's tournament.
    • Tournaments-about 15 per year; usually on Saturdays. Mostly local, with a handful of national circuit tournaments.  Students need not compete in every tournament
    • ONLINE TOURNAMENTS: Due to the coronavirus, a number of national circuit tournaments have been reschedules to virtual formats.  Local tournaments have NOT yet determined the format of their tournaments. Pending school/district authorizations.
  • Contact Coach Carmen Kohn at carmen.kohn@cchsemail.org for further information.