Men's and Women's Cross Country (Fall)

  • Cross Country is a Varsity and JV fall sport at Charlotte Catholic.  No previous running experience is necessary.

    Summer Miles / Summer Training Program: 

    We will likely try to host a student-captains lead practice at McMullen Creek Greenway or McAlpine Creek Greenway around 3/4 times a week. Attendance is not mandatory but it's definitely strongly encouraged. The training blocks will likely involve early weeks of 20 - 30 miles per week on 6 days of running, eventually leading to 40 - 50 mile weeks on 6/7 days of running per week, depending on experience and age. I've laid out the following tenants below that I used to help create this summer plan:

    • Increase mileage by no more than 10% per week. If you currently run 20 miles in 4 days/week, run no more than 24 miles next week by adding 1 mile to each of the 4 days. 
      • Highly-trained runners can get away with adding more miles more quickly, especially if they have experience running more miles but tread with caution.

    • Run roughly the same mileage for 3-4 weeks before increasing it. This gives your legs a chance to adapt to each level of running before increasing the level.

    • Rest and recovery are just as if not more important than hard training. The best ability is availability and top performers need to be running their best in October, not in August. 

    Unofficial Captains Practice will start in early/mid June. Information will be on GroupMe (JOIN HERE). First official practice to be held on August 1, 2023 at 8:07 a.m. at McMullen 51 Greenway.

    For more information regarding CCHS Cross Country, please contact Coach Evan Georges ( or our team parent Trish Canon (