Dance (Fall and Winter)

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    Hello to all dance team families, I am here to make you aware of some significant changes and updates for the coming weeks of our 2020-2021 dance team season.  As you may know, we received new information recently from the NCHSAA about all fall sports programs.  We will no longer be allowed to hold tryouts the first week of August so they have been canceled and postponed at this time.  Fall sports may begin their seasons on September 1 so we will hope that we can reschedule for that week, however, with so much changing information and news each week please be prepared to stay tuned and patient with us.  We do plan to have a season, but we must comply with all rules and sanctions from the NCHSAA.  I will continue to update this information as it becomes available to me.  I will plan a meeting, if possible, for all future dance team candidates once school is back in session and we have all adjusted to our new normal.  The paperwork on our webpage is still current with the exception of a few dates listed obviously, however, please also understand there will be additional paperwork requested in conjunction with physical sports forms required for COVID-19 procedures.  Those new forms will be made available to all candidates as soon as possible.  

    I pray that all of you are having a restful, safe and happy last few weeks of summer break and I will look forward to your return to school on August 17. 

    Thank you for your patience and understanding during these challenging times.  Please feel free to contact me at my school email listed below if you have any questions or concerns going forward from here. 

    Coach Jennifer Taylor




    The Charlotte Catholic Dance Team will perform at Home Varsity Football Games throughout the season. 

    Coach:  Jennifer Taylor