Women's Volleyball (Fall)

  • News from Coach!

    I hope everyone is having a good end of school year. We are definitely looking forward to summer training and getting back into our normal gym/practice setting! All practices / weight room sessions are optional, however, be mindful that we have a lot of ground to make up. Please, attend whenever you are free. Dead Periods are July 5th-11th and July 19-25th, so we are not practicing July 5th-25th. Most of July will be off, so commit to June (only 6 practices)! July is a perfect time for family vacations and driver’s education. August is NOT!


    Please, bring volleyball shoes/knee pads/water bottle/towel to practices. Bring running shoes and a water bottle for weight room.


    Per usual we are working around camps and club practice. Here is what I have so far. Monday’s and Wednesday’s from 11am-12pm are our slots for weight room training at Catholic. The first one begins the 14th. All practices are at Catholic.



    6/14 WR 11am-12pm @CC

    6/15 Practice 6:45-8:15am @ CC

    6/16 WR 11-12

    6/17 Practice 6:45-8:15am

    6/21 WR 11-12

    6/22 Practice 6:45-8:15am

    6/23 WR 11-12

    6/24 Practice 6:45-8:15am

    6/28 WR 11-12

    6/29 Practice 7-8:30am

    6/30 WR 11-12

    7/1 Practice 7-8:30am

    7/12 WR 11-12

    7/14 WR 11-12

    7/19 WR 11-12

    7/21 WR 11-12


    We will practice July 26th-30th. Times TBD.

    Tryouts are August 2nd. There are two sessions, both required. We will hit the ground running and practice daily after tryouts. More information to come out later.


    Please contact Varsity Volleyball Coach, Tracy Landschoot via email at with any questions.  Tryout dates for the 21-22 school year will be posted in July.