World Languages Department Overview

  • German Students

    The World Languages Department offers 4 languages: French, German, Latin, and Spanish.
    The goal of the World Languages department is to develop the reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills of students. These skills are developed to help students have efficient communication in an Interpretive, Interpersonal and Presentational modes, using the standards of communication, culture, comparison, communities and connections. The World Languages Department also promotes awareness, curiosity and respect for other countries and their people, based on the Catholic Social Teachings. 
  • Charlotte Catholic German Students Win Best Overall School in UNC-CH German Day!

    HUT AB!(Hats off) to the students who participated in German Day at UNC-Chapel Hill!

    For the first time in CCHS history, our students won Best Overall School!   With over 450 students from 15 NC competing schools, Charlotte Catholic brought home the grand prize!


    Kudos to:

    Ethan Canon – 2ndplace - Poetry Recitation Level 1

    Clara Lobsiger - Honorable Mention – Poetry Recitation Level 2

    Ardy Stevens – 2ndplace - Poetry Recitation Level 3

    Bradley ThomasHonorable Mention– Poetry Recitation Level 3

    Sarah Gerlach 2ndplace - Extemporaneous Speaking Advanced Level

    Meredith LeTourneau- 3rdplace - Extemporaneous Speaking Advanced Level

    Marc Koltze– 3rdplace - Extemporaneous Speaking Heritage Level

    Meredith LeTourneau- 1stplace - Verb Bee

    Sarah Gerlach- 3rdplace - Verb Bee


    A Capella Singing        3rdplace        Level 1/2    

    Anna Caroline Fuller

    Bobby Jones

    Jessica Kostmayer

    Will Lind

    Katherine Lobdell

    George McDowell

    Anna Pederson

    Sophia Ritz

    Catherine Roberts

    Matt Ruff

    Ethan Shkut


    Meredith LeTourneau        2ndplace           Voice with Instrument Advanced Level


    Skit Level 1/2     1stplace


    Anna Caroline Fuller

    Clara Lobsiger

    Alyssa Stuppnig


    Skit Advanced Level -   1stplace


    Lauren Hall

    Marc Koltze

    Colette Morgan

    Hoang Mai

    Matt Werner

    Teresa Wilkinson