The Love Program

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    Charlotte Catholic High School is a Catholic educational community that teaches individuals to serve as Christians in our changing world. Building off of our successful “Virtues” program last year, and with the generosity of the CCHS Foundation, Charlotte Catholic has created a “L.O.V.E” program this year – “Loving Others Valuing Everyone”.

    The goal of the program is to strengthen and reinforce the Catholic education and character formation of our students. The core of the program includes common vocabulary each month to encourage school-wide conversations and actions to demonstrate aspects of loving each other, our community, and our world. Working creatively together at school and at home, we can continue to strengthen a safe educational community that reflects Jesus Christ’s teachings.

    The following is a list of focus areas for each month during the school year:

    August/September: Acceptance – Loving your neighbor and accepting everyone
    October: Involvement – Loving your school
    November: Gratitude – Loving your family and appreciating all you have
    December: Charity – Loving your community
    January: Faith – Loving God
    February: Compassion – Showing your love to others
    March: Social Justice – Loving your world
    April: Responsibility – Loving your environment
    May/June: Patience – Loving yourself and finding peace with others