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The Foundation of the Diocese of Charlotte currently manages 315 endowments. Of those, 75 are Catholic school endowments with a total market value of approximately $15 million. These endowments directly aid Charlotte Catholic High School and our other 18 schools in the Diocese.  We expect many more endowments to be established over time, as the Diocese has met with over 1300 individuals who will remember the Diocese in their estate plan.

An endowment is a permanent fund, the principal of which is never touched but the income which can be used in accordance with the wishes of the donor organization or individual.  The principal as it is defined includes the initial contribution given to establish the endowment as well as the additional contributions to the endowment.  Only the investment earnings from an endowment fund are used.  In specific terms, an endowment fund provides a permanent and secure source of income, which can ensure the future of CCHS.

Strong endowments are an essential component of a successful Catholic school. Charlotte Catholic’s endowments will become critical to our annual budget. A robust endowment provides relief for the operating budget and provides a reliable stream of financial aid and other needs. CCHS Endowment Funds, in the Diocesan Foundation, help CCHS thrive. Specifically, they create a perpetual source of income to help keep CCHS financially sound.

A Balanced, Long-Term Investment Approach

The Endowment Fund is managed by investment professionals at the Diocese of Charlotte Foundation. For more information, please visit:

CCHS Endowment Funds in the Diocesan Foundation

The Charlotte Catholic High School Alumni Association Scholarship Endowment Fund

  This fund, established by the CCHS Alumni Association, provides scholarships for graduating seniors for a college of their choice.

The American Schlafhorst Scholarship Endowment Fund   

  Established to provide scholarship assistance for students at Charlotte Catholic High School.            

The Charlotte Catholic High School Alumni Association Board Discretionary Endowment Fund     

  This fund was established to provide financial assistance to CCHS at the Board's discretion.              

Deussen Scholarship Endowment Fund                 

  This fund provides for scholarships for Catholic high school education in the greater Charlotte area.                 

Michael Sullivan Endowment Fund       

  This fund provides scholarships for graduates of Charlotte Catholic High School.                

Clark G. Ross Scholarship Endowment Fund        

  This fund provides scholarship assistance for Catholic Students to attend Catholic high schools in Mecklenburg and Iredell counties.

Charlotte Catholic High School Endowment Fund

  Benefits Charlotte Catholic High School.

Lee McGuiness Endowment Fund         

  Benefits the Charlotte Catholic High School Alumni Association.

Classmates, family members, and friends of CCHS can make additional donations to the above listed existing endowments or create a new named endowment fund. To set up an Endowment or learn more about the impact that endowments can make for CCHS, please contact either of the following:

Sally McArdle, Director of Advancement and Communications

Charlotte Catholic High School

(704) 716-2459 

Gina Rhodes, Director of Planned Giving

Roman Catholic Diocese of Charlotte


CCHS Foundation Endowment

The CCHS Foundation continues its mission to support CCHS as it has since 1974.  With the establishment of the new CCHS Annual Fund and the broader fundraising ability of the CCHS advancement office, the CCHS Foundation is exploring how best to support the school moving forward.  Rest assured that the Board of Directors will retain fiduciary responsibility for the Foundation’s existing endowment fund, and continue to work closely with Principal Telford and the advancement office during this period of transition. The CCHS Foundation and its leadership has been instrumental in supporting CCHS with distributed funds to support tuition assistance, teacher impact, and other priority programs. We look forward to continuing our relationships with the mission-oriented donors and leaders who have invested their time, talent and treasure in the CCHS Foundation so that Charlotte Catholic High School can continue to flourish—both now and into the future.